Famous Romantic Literature

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel tells the fascinating story of a millionaire trying to woo an old love during the roaring twenties decade. Gatsby is always putting on extravagant parties for America’s wealthy elite. His guests never usually see Gatsby in person.

Only protagonist Nick knows the truth of these parties. They are in fact a way to lure back his old flame Daisy. Gatsby believes that he can win her back, even though time has changed them both. This leads to one of the most tragic conclusions in all of literature.

Fifty Shades of Grey

This series of novels caused a big stir when they were first released. The erotic pages helped to make mainstream romantic literature much more intense. The Grey series focuses on a young woman who begins a romantic relationship with a wealthy man.

This leads to increasingly perverse games of sadomasochism. Despite (or perhaps because of) this risque material, the first book was a number one bestseller. It later spawned a less successful series of film adaptions. Due to the nature of the books, the sex scenes had to be watered down considerably.

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy set a precedent for the literature that would come after it. It is here that we see the genre at its very best. In the play, two lovers from rival families meet, and struggle to maintain their relationship. This is due to many mounting pressures.

This work has been adapted and performed countless times over the centuries. It is perhaps the most well known romantic play of all time. Many school pupils will know the text because it is widely read throughout the world.


This novel is the reason for a surge in the popularity of young adult literature. The book helped popularise e-book readers. Another useful form of app technology is Livi. Those who want an app that concerns medical care can click here to download it. There are many benefits to doing so.

The story that plays out in the book concerns a young woman who falls in love with a fellow student. She later learns that he is a vampire. The work was a massive success upon release. It was followed by a string of popular sequels, which expanded upon the world of the novel. These were also later turned into a popular movie franchise. This helped to increase the exposure of the source material, and further increase sales.

Harry Potter

Love is a core theme at the centre of the Harry Potter series. The story follows a young wizard as he stays in a magical school. Later on, he develops many romantic relationships.

Love is shown to have its own magical properties. Harry’s mother uses her personal affection for him to shield baby Harry from a deadly curse. A large portion of the books focuses on a budding relationship between Harry’s two friends, Ron and Hermione.