Jane Austen – The Worlds Favourite Romantic Writer

Jane Austen has always loved what she does – writing. Relationships and romance are what one associates with Jane Austen’s works, and these works are always a bit of a mystery, as the romantic writer never uttered the words ‘for richer or for poorer’, and to this day her own romantic life continues to intrigue, fascinate and have people speculate about. While most people know of the love story ‘Pride and Prejudice, this one and many other of her novels have inspired movies, and today we’ve got books and films to treat yourself to.

Sarcastic Quote Brings Derision for New £10 Note

Most of Jane Austen’s best romantic novels are household names, and now The new £10 note featuring Jane Austen will be another reminder to us of this great writer. Unfortunately though, the Governor of the Bank of England has been accused of failing to understand the gist of a quote used on the £10 note. Mark Carney was forced to defend a certain line used by a particular character in the novel Pride and Prejudice ‘I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!” He went on to say if you knew her work, you can enjoy the irony of the quote, saying it works on many levels. Critics say the character had no interest in books and that the quote was not intended to be taken literally.

Hop Into A Blast from the Past

If you’ve got some vintage or antique pieces from the Austen era or memorabilia such as jewellery or books, why not have it evaluated – there are heaps of people dying to get their hands on it. Even today, in the 21st century, Jane’s works are as alive as they were centuries ago. So, if you have really got some Jane Austen memorabilia to sell, why not get an online appraisal of what you have got and you will know if your treasure is worth holding onto and what it is worth. Jane Austen was a celebrated British novelist and now you can own rare books and other collectable items of this fascinating writer from Barnebys.co.uk. Simply become a member and benefit from email alerts of items you want and which have been appraised by experts.