How to Write an Interesting Romantic Novel

There is nothing as captivating as getting engrossed into a romantic novel where pursuit for love is rewarded. The reason romantic novels and movies are popular among different age groups is that they touch on the universal language of love. Everyone wants to experience love; even if through a book. If you are a writer, or you are passionate about the written word, you should definitely write a romance novel.

Making Your Novel Interesting

  • Choose your subgenre: There are many subgenres you can choose from, such as historic romance, contemporary, harlequin, speculative and even inspirational romance. Do your research to find out which one will work best for you.
  • Write with flare: descriptive writing and taking your reader to the scene is what makes a good romance novel. If you read through literary reviews, you will note that the focus is always about the way of writing and content of the story. Remember writing is an art. It is good artists who get recognised, so be one.
  • Explore unique angles: who said romantic novels must be about a man and a woman. The world today is teaching people to appreciate all kinds of love. If you want to write about a gay relationship, why not? Maybe you are thinking of lovers with a big age gap. Whichever it is, it must tell a beautiful love story.
  • Use stylistic devices: The best stories are those that capture suspense, foreshadowing, flashbacks, metaphors and different stylistic devices. Be you. Let your style show. Do not try to sound like someone else in your writing.

If you are motivated to write, do not wait for the perfect character development in your mind. Just start writing and watch as things fall into place. Who knows, maybe you will be the next bestseller in the romantic novel section in a few years. It will only happen if you start writing.