Setting Up a Community Library

For those who are avid readers, they will have undoubtedly built up an extensive collection of books. It would be a shame if these were only read once and then left to gather dust. Instead, a great idea would be to set up a community library and allow others to read your books. That way, you can meet others who share your interests, and you will feel a sense of satisfaction in giving back to society. But how to start?

A Comfortable Reading Area

Your visitors may wish to read while in your library, rather than taking books home. Having comfortable sofas with attractive covers from Bemz will encourage them to stay. This is also an economical idea, in that you can refurbish your existing Ikea sofas, rather than buying new furniture. By purchasing your covers from Bemz, you are assured of high-quality fabric, with all products hand-sewn in Europe.

Offer Refreshments

Your visitors will appreciate the offer of refreshments while perusing your books. Tea or coffee would be welcome but does pose the risk of people spilling them. You needn’t worry about this, as the Bemz sofa covers are machine washable for convenience. As they are so affordable, you can purchase several in different designs and always have spares on hand for a quick change when necessary.

Organising Your Books

It is better to have a range of different genres for your visitors to choose from. You can theme certain areas of your library to match your book categories. For example, a romance section would be complemented by a sofa with a pretty floral Bemz cover. Horror books and thrillers would be more suited to having a nearby couch with a darker covering. As Bemz has such a diverse range of designs, you will never run out of ideas.

Setting up a community library can be an exciting challenge, but your task will be made easier by checking out the Bemz website and choosing your sofa covers.